Michael A. Davis is CEO of Savid Technologies, Inc., a national technology and security consulting firm. As a member of the Honeynet Project, he works to develop data and network control mechanisms for Windows-based honeynets. He previously worked with McAfee, Inc., as senior manager of Global Threats, where he led a team of researchers investigating confidential and cutting-edge security research.

Sean M. Bodmer is director of government programs at Savid Corporation, Inc. He is an active honeynet researcher specializing in the analysis of signatures, patterns, and behaviors of malware and attackers. Sean has worked in various systems security engineering roles for federal government entities and private corporations.

Aaron LeMasters is a security researcher specializing in computer forensics, malware analysis, and vulnerability research. He spent five years defending the undefendable DoD networks and is now a senior software engineer at Raytheon SI.